IKAMBA LAB is a platform for the sale of organic compounds that are weakly or not available on the market. As a branch of the company IKAMBA Organics, IKAMBA LAB provides organic compounds in the fields of organic photovoltaic, energy storage and fine chemistry . Our products are issued from the know-how of the company IKAMBA Organics and its partners.

Perovskite solar cell & DSSC

IKAMBA Labs is a supplier of organic compounds used for Perovskite solar cell, Dye Solar Cell and Organic solar cell to researchers and industries worldwide. Our motive is to provide you with a wide range of organic materials with quality and quantity adapted to your projects needs.

Carbazole HTM

Energy storage

We produce and deliver organic solvents of electrolyte and additives for energy storage applications such as Li-ion batteries, supercapacitors, etc.

Electrolyte solvents Additives

Fine chemistry

IKAMBA Labs provides rare fine chemistry building blocks and original screening compounds. Numerous families of chemicals are available to speed up your researchs and projects.

Screening compounds Organic intermediates Organometallic reagents

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